Reality TV Teams I would want on a future season of The Amazing Race

Recently, there has been more press than normal about The Amazing Race during its offseason. It started with a picture that caught a decent amount of attention from fans of both Big Brother and The Amazing Race which speculated that Derek X & Claire from Big Brother 23 are filming for the next season of The Amazing Race.

Then, in the last episode of Big Brother as Ameerah was walking out the door after being blindsided, fellow houseguest Nicole shouted to her about them potentially going on The Amazing Race together. There have been other pairs of former Big Brother houseguests who have previously appeared on The Amazing Race, but these two would not be who I’d want to see on another season.

Here are some reality pairs I would love to see on a future Amazing race season (Reality Showdown themed or not). I’ve listed 3 pairs each from stars of Survivor, Big Brother & The Challenge.

Big Brother

Tiffany Mitchell & Hannah Chaddha

Tiffany and Chaddha (which she prefers to go by) became close during their season of Big Brother 23 as members of the dominant Cookout alliance. They are both incredibly intelligent and social women and had a fun relationship reminiscent of an older and younger sibling. Neither of them were able to take home the crown on Big Brother, but I think they could definitely be strong contenders on The Amazing Race. Tiffany has gone on to compete on The Challenge USA this summer, so the powers that be are clearly still a fan of her.

Xavier Prather & Derek Frasier

The Final two from Big Brother 23 were Xavier and Derek F. They were also part of the Cookout alliance, with Xavier ending up as the winner. They were good friends throughout the game and Xavier in particular worked to set them up in a strong position once they were down to only members of their alliance. On The Amazing Race, I prefer seeing teams with varying abilities of athleticism, and in this way, these two are very balanced. I think they would be a great option to go on The Amazing Race. Xavier was also on The Challenge USA, so he is definitely still on castings radar.

Tyler Crispen & Angela Rummans

Tyler and Angela (AKA Tangela) met playing together on Big Brother 20 where they were both members of the strong Level 6 alliance. They both made it to the top four. Their relationship started purely as friends and turned romantic as they got to the end of the game. They have been together ever since. They are both athletic; Angela won 5 comps on her one Big Brother season and Tyler won 10 comps over the course of two Big Brother seasons. They have a lot of fans online and even though Tyler has said he does not want to do Big Brother or The Challenge, I think he may do The Amazing Race since he would be able to compete with Angela. They could be a really strong team and I’d definitely want to see Tyler (in particular) back on my TV. Angela is currently on The Challenge USA as well, so she would likely be up for it.


Brice Izyah & Wendell Holland

Brice & Wendell never competed together on the same Survivor season but actually have become close friends afterward when they decided to meet since they both live in Philadelphia. Wendell is a strong athlete and has a great social game which enabled him to win Survivor Ghost Island and do pretty well on Winners at War. Brice got taken out way too early on Survivor: Cagayan, but he has an electric personality. Their brotherly friendship is a lot of fun and it would be fun to see them racing around the world.

Shan Smith & Ricard Foyé

Ricard and Shan had a really interesting relationship throughout Survivor 41. They started the game as inseparable allies, however, they both knew by later in the game that they had to take each other out in order to win. This ultimately resulted in neither of them making it to the end. They are both really fun personalities and neither are slouches athletically. Shan was just recently on The Challenge USA, so it doesn't seem like she is done with TV. I would be really excited to see their relationship further develop working as a team on a season of The Amazing Race.

Kelley Wentworth & Lauren O’Connell

Kelley Wentworth is a true Survivor icon and major personality who competed three times. In her third season, she came back on a tribe with Lauren and they became fast friends. Despite their over ten-year age difference, they are still good friends who regularly visit each other and film Tik Toks together. They are both strong physically, with Lauren being a former collegiate soccer player and Kelley winning Survivor challenges and staying in shape since. In addition according to Kelley, she initially had applied to be on The Amazing Race before getting pulled over to Survivor. So I think that she would be happy to go on now with one of her Survivor besties.

The Challenge

Leroy & Kam Williams

Kam and Leroy are one of the most popular couples from The Challenge. Leroy decided to “retire” from The Challenge recently but I do not want this to be the end of seeing him on Reality TV. But maybe Leroy could be open to coming on The Amazing Race now. Both Kam & Leroy are in fantastic shape and are major personalities who could shine. My only hold up for them would be due to their newborn son Kingston- they may not want to both leave for the extended period of time filming The Amazing Race would take.

Amanda & Ashley Mitchell

Amanda had been off of The Challenge for a few seasons but came back for this most recent season, Spies, Lies & Allies where she made a big splash and reminded fans of her dynamic personality. Ashley is a Challenge legend and two-time champion who is equally as chaotic as Amanda. The two of them have had a long-term friendship and alliance and would be a lot of fun to see bringing excellent banter, a lot of drama, and good competitive ability on The Amazing Race.

Mark Long & Eric Nies

Eric Nies is reality TV royalty as one of the original seven roommates on the first season of The Real World. He is a really interesting dude who is interested in learning about things like spiritualism and various cultures so I think he could be really excited by that aspect of The Amazing Race. Mark Long is another groundbreaking figure of Reality TV who appeared as one of the cast members on the first season of Road Rules. Mark has also been very active recently, competing on and serving as an Executive Producer for The Challenge All Stars. They have been friends for many years and even hosted an early season of The Challenge together. I think they would be a really fun pair of Reality TV legends to run The Amazing Race.



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