The Challenge: All Stars Ranking the cast by how much I want them back for All Stars 2

Henry L DiMaria
15 min readJun 4, 2021

I have thoroughly enjoyed this season of The Challenge: All Stars’s cast particularly some of the contestants who were the more out of the box picks have proven to be excellent choices that I hope we get to see more in the future. Comparatively some of the people who I was most excited to see come back have not delivered as much as I hoped. This is where the entire cast falls in terms of how much I would want to see them back for another season of The Challenge All Stars.

I am Good and Do Not Want to See Them Back:

22. Arissa Hill

Back in the day Arissa was pretty good on her one previous stint on Battle of the Sexes 2. Nowadays on this season of The Challenge All Stars she seemed uninterested in being a part of the house, was struggling health wise with her allergies and being back in the environment of living with a bunch of other people. Ultimately she chose to quit the season and her quit was a pretty iconic moment but that was a great end. She seems to have moved on from reality tv and they do not need to be bringing quitters back.

21. Trishelle Cannatella

Trishelle was iconic back in the day and was at least an average competitor in the challenges but after she quit on Rivals 2 nearly quit this season and she physically flopped on this season it made me decide I am happy to not have Trishelle back on a potential The Challenge All Stars 2. Not to mention her going after Katie for no reason was pretty shitty even though I am here for the chaos and drama she seems a bit too unstable. Instead I hope to see some of the other OG women get their shot to on a future season of All Stars.

20. Ace Amerson

Ace was definitely the person coming into the season that I was the lowest on seeing back. He was pretty entertaining in the one episode he got but he also was a bit whiney about things a couple of times. Saying the game was not as political back then but he was too busy goofing off to care and now he claims the game changed but it’s just he paid enough attention to realize how the game is played for the first time. It also doesn’t help that he got absolutely wrecked in the elimination. I think it would be better to give another guy their first All Stars shot over him getting a second chance.

Maybe bring them back next season but after another season or two:

19. Aneesa Ferreira

Aneesa has been exactly what she is every season on All Stars she is good at puzzles, a strong physical competitor in eliminations, plays a strong political game and she brings entertainment. Throughout All Stars Aneesa definitely performed in the daily challenges & eliminations but she was really disappointing in the final. Aneesa brought plenty of entertainment and drama like her fight with Jisela and brief showmance with Laterrian. I liked seeing her connect with other other old school people. However, my main issue is Aneesa is still on the main seasons of The Challenge. If production wants her to be on All Stars she fits well but if they want her to continue to be on the main Challenge too instead they should let another person have the place on a future All Stars season.

18. Darrell Taylor

This may look nuts for me to have an absolute legend this low and I think Darrell brought exactly what he normally does this season. Darrell is an elite physical competitor, had a few great confessionals and played a good political game. One thing I really did like with him was seeing him reunite with his original Road Rules cast mate and friend Kendal but I wish we got more of that content like we got for Syrus and Beth. Darrell is low for one reason, he is still doing regular seasons of the Challenge appearing as recently as on Double Agents. I am of the opinion contestants should be either on All Stars or on the regular show but not both. This would more clearly define both series more until potentially an All Stars vs Normal Challenge and by not having people on both it gives more old school players that opportunity to come back.

17. Eric “Big Easy” Banks

I was surprised with Big Easy this season, he was always fairly entertaining but normally his story ended there in terms of what he brought to the show. Eric repeatedly showing himself as one of the best at puzzles and he pulled off a big elimination win. Easy was probably in his best shape for this season and it was good to see him get redemption by finishing a final so if he chose for this to be the end it would be a satisfying way to end his career on The Challenge. If there ends up being a lot more seasons of The Challenge All Stars seeing him back would be fine but there are a lot of other people I would want to see more for the very next season and I’d rather see them else get that shot.

16. Katie Cooley

Katie is one of the all time best characters on The Challenge. I was really excited to see her on this season but she disappointed a bit compared with the old Katie being less feisty now that she is older. She used to not be great in the daily challenges but always had a lot of heart, this season she was much more scared of getting hurt and just gave up if they were not on the ground. She still had her moments of getting in fights and being entertaining but they were not as frequent. Another thing that made Katie lower on the list to be brought back was that she did not want to play the game and was okay to volunteer for the elimination round even though it seems like she had the social connections to stay out of them. If she comes back I hope we get to see more of the old Katie and not her volunteering for eliminations.

15. Jonna Mannion

Jonna was a confusing choice to me initially, I did not consider her to be an old school competitor like the show advertised. However she came on to the season in probably the best shape she ever has, performing well throughout notably in the final challenge. I am a bit more interested now though then before her strong run in the final to see Jonna compete. However, since Jonna was pretty quiet drama and entertainment wise throughout the season and is not a true OG she is a low priority to do another All Stars season. If she came back I could see her be fine but for a potential season 2 I’d be happier seeing someone who has been off the show for a longer period of time.

14. Jemmye Carroll

Jemmye at first fell into the same category as Jonna for me since she is definitely not someone I would consider an old school player but of the two of them I think she has been much more of a character this season. She is a fan of the old school challengers so she had a bit of the super fan perspective that I thought nobody else brought to the show. Jemmye is physically in the best shape of her Challenge career and I really enjoyed her calling people out in confessionals for bad politics and volunteering to go in to eliminations. Jemmye’s unlikely friendship with Beth was also great. So Jemmye isn’t at the top of my list but I would be happy to see her back on All Stars at some point.

I expect they will be there but hope they give more:

13. Derrick Kosinski

Do not get me wrong I absolutely expect to see Derrick back for multiple more seasons of The Challenge All Stars assuming they happen, he is friends with Mark and an Challenge icon. However, I feel like he did not stand out that much this season besides strong physical performances with the one exception of his moment giving sports-casterlike commentary during the Rib Cage Pass daily. The lack of entertainment was the exact reason why Derrick stopped being asked back for the regular challenge and for me if he doesn’t start bringing more fun, good commentary or drama he is going to continue falling lower on my list of priorities to have back.

12. Mark Long

Mark is the reason we have The Challenge All Stars and I am incredibly grateful to have had this season. I fully expect that for as long as All Stars goes on Mark will produce and also compete. That is fair since physically he is still able to kill it winning eliminations, daily challenges and performing well in the final. Yet. I would be happy to see him just as a producer to bring the contestant perspective to the production team and there are many great people who it has been a lot longer since they were on a season. If there are more seasons of The Challenge All Stars having Mark compete brings some good entertainment but also sometimes it comes off forced like his “rivalry” with Kendal or him using the lifesaver just for the drama to go down. Nonetheless watching him at nearly 50 do things physically some 20 year olds can not do is impressive to watch so I am not that disappointed that he will probably be on the cast everytime.

I really hope to see them brought back:

11. Laterrian Wallace

Laterrian was a physical force this season which was great redemption for someone who in the past always looked like they were going to be incredible but underperformed in The Challenge. Laterrian was dominant in the first elimination of the season starting the season with a bang, he won the mini final daily challenge and went toe to toe with Mark in the brutal Pull Me Over elimination. For someone who we had not seen bring it in the past that was enough for me to want him back physically and Laterrian also had a lot of energy and heart which is fun for the show. Even getting a little involved in drama with the short lived showmance with Aneesa. With those storylines to follow up on and him physically bringing it I would be glad if Laterrian was back for another season of All Stars.

10. Ruthie Alcaide

Ruthie is one of my all time favorite characters & competitors from the old school era of The Challenge, so I definitely want to try to temper my own bias but I think she brought enough this season to warrant her returning. She had a few notable daily challenge performances and I think has the ability to be even better after a fairly mediocre finish in the final. In some ways Ruthie reminds me of Darrell, she gives some good confessionals but is not going to be the main storyteller of the season. Storyline wise she was pretty quiet during most of the season with the exception of the moments about her friendship with Teck going back to their original Real World and the drama between her and Aneesa that was focused on and then seemingly not addressed again. I always want to see more of Ruthie on The Challenge and my hope is that she comes back in even better shape and ready to finally get that win.

9. KellyAnne Judd

I do not understand why The Challenge stopped bringing KellyAnne back for the regular seasons every time she was there she was among the top women in the game and got into it with people regularly particularly since she had no problem calling out the power players like Kenny on The Island and with Bananas on several occasions. She is just on the edge of being an OG for me so that I could be convinced either way. KellyAnne was one of the top women this season physically and finished tied for first out of the women. She was more subdued this season in terms of the drama but I expect that if she ends up down in the numbers she would still fight and call people out and I would also like to see her back with a number of people who would be good on a future season like Wes, Sarah, Evelyn and Susie.

8. Yes Duffy

Yes was one of the biggest wild cards to me on the initial cast since he was on 3 seasons nearly twenty years ago and did not make a huge impression. But he was great physically this season being among the top competitors in most of the daily challenges and particularly in his winning performance this final against 4 other Challenge champions. Yes seems like a really nice guy so him acting also had some fun moments throughout the course of the season though I would hope to see more and think we would after he has gotten back in to the world of The Challenge. He won the season and seems eager to defend his title so bringing him back on a potential All Stars 2 seems like an inevitability.

7. Nehemiah Clark

Nehemiah is someone I was really glad to see back for this kind of season. He was somebody I felt got quite unlucky in previous seasons and I thought he did pretty well this season proving himself as a strong competitor. He also brought a good amount of entertainment between his showmance with Jemmye, fighting with Teck and I would want to see more about his friendship with Alton and his alleged rivalry with Derrick. He has some how lost to Big Easy twice in fluky ways first because they ran out of logs and this season because Easy smartly figured out a way to build the ladder differently than it was meant to. I think Nehemiah seems hungry to come back and win and I think he is always a pretty interesting guy when he is there.

6. Syrus Yarbrough

Syrus always seems like a really good guy and this season he seemed similarly to be well situated socially but he was doing well in the dailies before getting injured and going after one of the strongest guys in Alton. He went out fuming and fired up to come back and prove himself and that sounds like the kind of guy I want to see back on the show. His scenes with Beth were awesome since they may be one of my favorite pure challenge friendships. He gives good confessionals and I think is someone who really personifies the “old school” mentality so bring him back and I hope to see him healthy and get that physical headbanger he wants.

I will be really disappointed if they are not back for more:

5. Teck Holmes

Teck was an unexpected delight this season I came with almost no memories of Teck from his time on The Challenge apart from him nearly missing a daily after drinking all night. He was hilarious throughout both in the house scenes and in confessionals, he got into some great drama (for no apparent reason) with Nehemiah and Teck also competed pretty well barely losing the elimination. I liked that he was having fun and not playing the game scared he saw he the writing on the wall he tried his best but did not seem to have hard feelings about it. Physically he is not like the people who train hard core but did not embarrass himself out there. Assuming he came back with the same kind of fun energy I would be glad to see him back for a season of All Stars 2 and hopefully a deeper run.

4. Beth Stolarczyk

Beth is an all time Challenge legend and was always a great villain and having her back on All Stars was great even without her being the villain. She is arguably the best player at giving confessionals in the history of the challenge. Her scenes with Syrus were also great since seeing these kind of people who have been friends for years is one of my favorite aspects of having OG contestants back. Beth was also in pretty decent shape keeping up in most of the daily challenges and she seemed to be keeping up in the elimination before Syrus’ injury stalled them. For as long as Beth is willing to keep coming back for seasons of The Challenge All Stars I hope that they bring her back particularly because she also has interesting relationships to explore with more OGs that the show could bring on.

3. Alton Williams

Alton is someone who is really complicated for he is an absolute bad ass and in some daily challenges and the elimination he absolutely lived up to his reputation but he also shockingly gassed out in the mini final this season and was talking about considering giving up in the final but not wanting to do that to a partner. However right after that he finished really strong in the final leg running up the mountain being pretty close to Mark, Darrell & Yes. In regards to entertainment value Alton got in a showmance with Jisela, clashed with Syrus and gave strong confessionals so he definitely deserves to be brought back assuming there is another All Stars season.

2. Kendal Sheppard

Kendal was one of the absolute stars this season for a while she had been campaigning to come back for a season and I was not entirely convinced since she did one season twenty years ago where her main story line was her showmance with The Miz and she was at best the third best female competitor on that team. I am glad to know now I was wrong to doubt her Kendal was the best woman this season winning two eliminations and two daily challenges including the mini final. She was also really entertaining for the show as an underdog and a seemingly wishy-washy game player. Her confessionals were also solid and she was good to have there as a strong player outside of the house power structure. I fully hope that she is back for a season two and would disappointed if she was not.

  1. Jisela Delgado

In my mind the majority of this season focused on two main characters both of whom I would have never expected to be the main characters Kendal and of course Jisela. She was never a huge character on the original Challenge seasons she competed on but she was a star this season from her falling down the stairs of the bus episode one through the reunion. Jisela brought a lot of entertainment over the season and had strong confessionals. She had a surprising strong performance in the first daily powered through an injury in an elimination and was one of the political forces in the house the whole time. She also had a number of arguments throughout the season first with Kendal and later with Aneesa who she had been apparently friends with for twenty years. Finally she had a really unexpected showmance with Alton that became another focus causing drama and politics to change within the game. If they have another season of All Stars without her back it would be a complete shock.



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