The Challenge Double Agents Finals win equity.

Henry L DiMaria
5 min readApr 11, 2021

We are finally at the finals for The Challenge: Double Agents, though we do not know for sure the structure of the final challenge since the show has kept viewers in the dark recently about twists in the game. I am going to operate under the assumption that there will be no more partner swaps or eliminations in the middle of the final. So without further ado here is what I see as each team’s win equity going into the final challenge.

Kam & Cory

35% chance to win

Kam is my pick for the best woman in this game. She has physically done well this season even if she has only managed two actual challenge wins but she has also politically masterminded this game. Previously, Kam has performed really well in both of the previous finals she made it to, losing War of the Worlds II in a purge after being one of the strongest performers for her team day one and losing Vendettas partially because she was the only one who had to perform an extra task.

Comparatively, Cory has had an up and down season losing his partners over and over again and ending up rogue. Since he got Kam as his partner they have worked well together finishing first or second in all of the dailies they competed in. Cory has a good amount of experience running finals finishing second back on bloodlines and even leading a good portion of the Total Madness’s final before falling back into third place by the end.

What makes them such a strong team is Kam helps counter Cory’s biggest weakness. Since she is good at puzzles and Cory is abysmal. My biggest hesitation being I could see Kam letting Leroy get the win if it is close between their teams. They are the most balanced team going in to the final and I think they have the best shot.

Leroy & Nany

30% chance to win

Is this really going to happen is Leroy finally going to get there and win a season of the challenge? Part of me doesn’t even want to say he has a good shot in case I might be jinxing it. Normally with a team that only came together this last episode I would have concerns about their ability to work together but Nany and Leroy have been friends for over 10 years, Leroy literally refers to Nany as his sister so there should be no issues working together.

Leroy is a great competitor and Nany is at her strength in finals. However, There are definitely some chinks in their armor as a team, neither of them are great at puzzles which could harm their chances and as always for Leroy if the final has a lot of swimming he is not the strongest swimmer. Regardless of those negatives I’m choosing to believe the hype, since I really want to see Leroy finally get this win. As a team both of them have come close yet never won and their longtime friendship will hopefully translate to great teamwork. My heart says Leroy is going to go out on top and help bring his “sister” Nany her first win as well.

CT & Amber

20% chance to win

CT and Amber are a team that I think people are sleeping on. CT is not only the one person left who has won before, including beating Leroy, Kam and Cory in finals, he is also in better shape this season than his previous few seasons.

Amber had a good but unremarkable season. For example she has won two eliminations but both were in hall brawl against much smaller girls. Also her only daily challenge win was entirely due to Darrell. However, it seems like Amber has what you want for the final. She can run for endurance and if she just lets CT take care of the puzzles, which he excels at, they could do well.

There are two reasons why they are lower than both Leroy & Nany and Kam & Cory. First, Amber is still a rookie and normally rookies struggle in the final since having experience and an idea of what kind of thing to expect. Secondly, CT struggled in cold climates gassing out in Iceland on Battle of the Exes, where comparatively all three of his wins came in the tropical climate of Thailand.

Fessy & Kaycee

15% chance to win

Kaycee is a good competitor and I think she is the second best girl remaining in the game, but she underperformed in the final last season timing out on multiple puzzle check points and finishing far behind all the other finishers. Also, both Kam and Nany just beat her in the mini-final form this past episode. I think if Kaycee still had Leroy as her partner they would be the favorite but, though Fessy would surely disagree, he is not as good of a competitor as Leroy.

Fessy puffs his chest out about him being the best guy there, in a hall brawl or something about physical strength I think that is true and he could probably beat everybody (the one question being CT) however for a final he’s the weakest guy left. Fessy performed poorly in the final last season and even though he will blame it on Aneesa they got last place in the mini-final he got to compete in this season.

Together, neither of them make up for what the other is missing since they both are bad at puzzles and gassed out on the final in Total Madness. The final factor is that Fessy has been a terrible partner this season, maybe he will be able to be a supportive partner with Kaycee who is his actual friend but I would not hold my breath for that.



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