The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Veteran previews: Amanda Garcia

Amanda Garcia

Original Show: Are You the One? 3

Best Placement: 5th place (Invasion of the Champions)

Average Finish: 10.4

Elimination Record: 1–4

Most Memorable Moment:

One of the best moments in recent Challenges heavily involved Amanda as she & Zach could not agree on who to vote in when they were safe from winning the daily challenge and were forced to go in themselves.

Best Season: Invasion of the Champions

Even though Amanda had a great start on Final Wreckoning that ended up crashing and burning because of the toxicity and lack of teamwork in her partnership with Zach. She had a good run on Invasion making it right before the final and forming a strong alliance that politically ran that game and that would help her in the future seasons as well in the Lavender Ladies.

Worst Season: XXX: Dirty Thirty

Amanda had a really poor Dirty Thirty getting purged in the first challenge when her enemy Jenna won the power in the initial Purge Challenge and was able to then send her straight to the Redemption House. Amanda then did almost make it back in the house but lost to her nemesis Jenna.

Allies: Ashley, Josh, Nelson, Cory, Devin

It has been a while since we have had Amanda on a season and in the meantime a lot of the cast has changed but it looks like she may have a real opportunity to build something this season. Ashley is clearly her number one and I expect that Ashley will definitely have her back too. Additionally, Amanda was previously partners with both Nelson & Josh and has maintained strong relationships with both. Cory and Devin are less certain to me but Devin and Amanda are from the same season of Are You the One and since she has worked with Cory in the past if she works with Nelson I assume her and Cory will be good too.

Enemies: Nany(maybe)

For once Amanda is actually coming into a season and I don’t see anybody as her clear enemy. Jenna & Zach are not here, Kailah is not here, CaraMaria is not here, Bananas is not here, all of those people have been massive enemies for Amanda and with none of them around that’s a good sign. The closest thing I see as an enemy is Nany because of her friendship with Jenna & Kailah but they are both friends with Josh so he could potentially bring them together. I do not see Amanda staying without enemies long though since she gets into it with people with the best of them and I can particularly see her not getting along with someone as cocky as Fessy.

We have not had Amanda on a season of the challenge in nearly three years and I am so glad that she is back. She is incredibly entertaining on the show, she gets in fights. and is an underrated competitor. I think she has a chance to be in a good position if she can bring together Ashley, Cory & Nelson to work with Josh and the rest of Big Brother. Although Big Brother does have many options in the house particularly since Nany & Aneesa will likely be pulling them in a different direction. I think Amanda is able to win a season but is not a favorite, she is smart and not a slouch in challenges but her political game will need to improve and she needs to get better in eliminations or she could be seen as a safe person to go against.

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