Ranking The Challenge All Stars 3 Cast by How Much I Want to See Them Back on All Stars

Henry L DiMaria
13 min readJul 13, 2022

After the last two seasons of The Challenge All Stars I ranked the cast members by how much I’d want to see them back on a future All Stars season, assuming we get one. (All Stars 1, All Stars 2).

Well, I am back to do the same for the cast of All Stars 3! This is about how much I’d personally want to see them back and not how likely I think they are to be back. I know that as of now there is uncertainty about if we will get more All Stars seasons, but I am going to operate under the assumption that we will get more. So without further ado, here is what I think about the entire cast of All Stars 3 in terms of who I want to see return for more.

They Don’t Belong Here

25–21. Kailah Casillas, Jordan Wisely, Sylvia Elsrode, Nia Moore & Jemmye Carroll

I thought a number of these players were pretty entertaining on this All Stars season but as I have said all season, they don’t all belong here in my opinion. All Stars was billed as an opportunity to see people come back who had not been on in a while and see them relive their prime. Many cast members on this season are in their early thirties (or in Kailah’ s case late twenties) and have competed somewhat recently on the main series of The Challenge. It is not that they are bad competitors or not entertaining; they just are people I’d much rather see on a main season and therefore feel out of place for me on All Stars. Because of this, they all rank at the bottom for me.

I Think They Could at Least Use a Break

20. Tyler Duckworth

It pains me to put Tyler this low since I was really excited when he was on the cast for All Stars 2, but he has really disappointed in both seasons of All Stars. He is not in the same shape he once was, and considering how fit the men have been lately if Tyler were to come back I fear he would be steam rolled yet again. He also does not seem to have his head in the game as much as he once did. Tyler has just not shown the same social ability and drive to win that he once had. In comparison, a lot of other contestants have come on to All Stars with a greater drive to win the game. I think for Tyler it may be the end of the road for him coming back, or at least that he needs to take a break. Maybe he could come back down the road when he has more friends in the game or if he has his head more in the game.

19. Laterrian Wallace

Getting to see Laterrian compete and return for these All Stars seasons has been fun. He is by all accounts a really good guy and interesting as a competitor. At moments he looks like a top competitor, for example when he won the mini final on All Stars 1 or when he competes in a pole wrestle. But then he struggles in a lot of the daily challenges that are not brute force and almost lost his head in the Like Clockwork elimination on All Stars 2. He has such a huge passion to win and a great intensity but he doesn’t provide a ton in terms of entertainment or confessionals and has already been on all three All Stars seasons so far. What it comes down to for me is that he has had three shots and I would prefer to see someone get their first or second chance here before bringing Laterrian back for his fourth.

18. Kendal Darnell

It’s not that I don’t want to see Kendal on the show again, in fact quite the opposite. I think she can be a good character on the show, but I’d like a break from her. Like Laterrian, Kendal has been on every All Stars season so far and though she had a great All Stars 1, her performances on All Stars 2 & 3 have been underwhelming. She is out of her depth when it comes to strategy, which can be entertaining but not when it is the same story over and over. I want to be excited to have Kendal back on the show and if they were to announce her as part of an All Stars cast tomorrow I would be uninspired.

17. MJ Garrett

I was overall glad to have MJ on this past season since I am of the opinion The Challenge should bring the previous season's winner back to “defend their title” as much as possible. It tends to add built-in storylines of conflict with who they beat last time and the winner comes in with a much bigger target on their back, (Unless your name is CT apparently). MJ did fine this season but to me, he ended up as little more than an extension to Jonna’s story. He is also just not the same icon of the franchise that many of the other men on this cast were. I could use a break from MJ for a bit, but would be fine seeing him return down the road.

16. Beth Stolarczyk

In my mind, Beth will always be one of the greatest reality TV characters of the franchise. By letting her loose on a season you know that you will never be bored. Beth was used as a replacement this season and as I said on Twitter she did exactly what was expected of her; cause drama, quit a challenge, be a physical player, make up accusations, and of course call Nehemiah “her Tenderoni.” I think that bringing her back once in a while is the move, since it would be less impactful to have Beth’s chaos front and center every time.

I Could Take Them or Leave Them

15. Derrick Kosinski

Derrick is a Challenge icon, but his stock has certainly gone down over the course of the All Stars seasons between him getting purged in season 1, losing early season 2, and getting demolished by Nehemiah in season 3. I felt like Derrick came across as more genuine this season, and a big part of that was that he was more of a supporting player. He is a strong competitor and I was glad to see that he looks like he has put some work into becoming a more well-rounded player, winning both a puzzle and trivia this season. He could continue to be brought back on All Stars or even for a regular season, but I could just as easily have an All Stars without him.

14. Darrell Taylor

Darrell and Derrick are very similar to me; both are multi-time champions and Challenge Legends and both have recently been on a bit of a cold streak. What gives Darrell the edge for me is his consistency. He came just short in the first two All Stars seasons and lost to the freak of nature, Jordan, in this past season. Darrell will occasionally give confessional gold but he is more of a supporting character and there are many contestants that can do the same. Finally like others, Darrell also still competes on the main series from time to time and I would prefer to see him take off an All Stars season in favor of the main show next.

13. Brad Fiorenza

Brad is at the head of a small trio here with Derrick & Darrell. All three of them are elite-level competitors, capable of winning almost any daily challenge or elimination. All three of them are also contestants that I would be happy to see do a main season of the show since they are not too far removed from competing there and can definitely keep up physically. What puts Brad at the top of the three for me is that I found him the most entertaining character and most capable of carrying the entertainment of a season.

12. Cynthia Roberts

Getting to see Cynthia again was really unexpected since it had been such a long time since she was last on a season. But, unfortunately, she ran into trouble when she had to go into the first elimination against Tina, a strong physical competitor who sent her home. I do not think she is in the kind of situation as first boots Leah (from All Stars 2) or Trishelle (from All Stars 1), who were both in completely over their head. Cynthia did lose a puzzle, but she is entertaining, a true old-school Real Worlder, and a good person. I would be happy to see her get another shot next season or at some point down the line.

I Want Them There

11. Syrus Yarborough

Syrus took the time in between All Stars 1 & All Stars 3 to get in what is possibly the best shape he has ever been in on a Challenge season. He is always an engaging personality and is one of the truest “OG’s”, appearing on the fourth season of The Challenge and the sixth Real WOrld season, The Real World: Boston. He is not someone who I could see transition with success back over on the regular Challenge (like Brad, Derrick, or Darrell) so if he is to come back it would have to be here on All Stars.

10. Nehemiah Clark

Nehemiah has established himself as one of the major faces of the All Stars franchise as a whole, performing well in the challenges as well as being well involved in the drama. He is a strong competitor and has now come up just short now all three All Stars seasons. He has the storyline of still trying to get past that last hurdle and finally get a second win. Nehemiah has been one of the biggest characters on all three of the All Stars seasons and I think that him returning for a potential All Stars 4 makes sense as he has more of his story to tell. However, if he got the call for a main season of The Challenge then I would be excited to see him back there as well. He could definitely hang with the level of competition there.

9. Weston Bergmann

The reigning champ! Wes is somebody that I have been a big fan of ever since I saw him on The Real World Austin. He truly understands his role as a shit-stirrer and a villain in a way that others do not. He gives great confessionals, gets into fights, forms meaningful friendships, and competes physically with the best of them. Wes is one of the people most associated with The Challenge, in general; I am happy to see him on every Challenge season but even more so with him coming off of the big win. The only thing that slides him down the list for me is that I would be as happy to see him back on the normal Challenge as well.

8. Melinda Collins

Melinda is one of the contestants for who I made one of my worst predictions. A little bit before All Stars 2 I had her as one of the worst contestants of all time, with the likes of Shauvon & Anastasia. Then she went on to All Stars 2 and showed herself to be a much better competitor now than she ever was back in the day. However, in my opinion, it is insane that she was medically cleared for this season considering that she was not healed from the ankle injury she sustained in the All Stars 2 final. I was really disappointed to see Melinda not even really get a chance to play this season and I want her back, healthy as soon as possible.

7. Tina Bridges (nee Barta)

I had nearly written Tina off after quitting All Stars 2, even though she is an incredibly entertaining personality. But then she came back on this season with a renewed drive. Tina won an elimination and made the tribunal in the next episode. She had set herself up in a solid alliance with the rest of the women in the Treehouse. Unfortunately, she got injured in the third episode and had to be removed from the game. It was brutal being teased with a rejuvenated Tina who had her eyes on the prize and was doing well in the game only for that to be ripped away from us. She is iconic to the early seasons of The Challenge and I really hope she keeps the same fire from All Stars 3 and is back soon.

6. KellyAnne Judd

KellyAnne was one of the major focal points of the story this season. She was on the outside of the numbers in a duo with Kendal and then was able to team up with Jonna and Nia to take down most of the powerful Treehouse alliance. She has often been one of the stronger competitors in the past. I have her on my list of the top competitors to have not won. But I was disappointed to see a fairly lackluster performance in this past final, particularly with her giving up during the rowing face-off. Regardless, I still want to see her back again since she is both a fun personality and a strong competitor.

5. Yes Duffy

In the past, Yes was relatively quiet and then seemingly came out of nowhere to win All Stars 1, but that was not how things went for him this season. This time around he was properly seen as a big threat and targeted early. He is a really genuine guy and his rivalry with Wes was really entertaining as well. I would be thrilled to see him back again on All Stars or even a main season of The Challange if he availability and desire to be there.

4. Roni Chance

Roni is exactly the kind of competitor that I envisioned when All Stars was first getting off the ground. She was a stand-out competitor on a few seasons back in the day who we had not heard from in years. Although she was not the biggest character this season, she had her moments, and would be excited to have her back again.

3. Mark Long

Mark Long is “The Godfather” for a reason; he is one of the most important people in the history of The Challenge and serves as both a competitor and an Executive Producer for All Stars, since it was his idea that got this off the ground in the first place. He is also a really engaging personality and a great competitor who had a great run this season, winning 2 Dailies (with an additional authority) and two Elimination rounds (Including taking out 3-time champion Jordan). I really hope to see him back to compete again on another All Stars.

2. Jonna Manion

For me, (and I assume many others), Jonna has now earned herself a place among the greatest Challenge women of all time. She has won two seasons back to back and finished third on All Stars 1, but tied for the best finish out of the women. She is the face of The Challenge All Stars and it would be crazy to me if she weren’t brought back again to defend her title on a potential All Stars 4.

  1. Veronica Portillo

Veronica was one of the biggest stars in the early days of The Challenge. She helped to establish the show and make it what it is today. She is a firecracker personality, plays a great strategic game, and performed well in the challenges this season; winning a daily and making the authority twice more. Seeing her not able to finish out this season due to an injury really sucked and she deserves to be back.



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