The One-Time All Stars I Want to Return for Another All Stars Season

Henry L DiMaria
7 min readOct 8, 2022

If you were to poll the majority of Challenge fans about what we feel about the All Stars seasons so far, most would say that they have been very happy with the three seasons we have already seen. However, I get nervous that production has fallen into the tendency of being repetitive and bringing the exact same group of people back for every single season (like what has happened with the MTV seasons). There are many great people that still have not seen their All Stars debut and I have already discussed who from those former contestants I want to see back (Part 1, Part 2). But there are also some All Stars contestents who have only been brought back once and who fans would love to see more of. Therefore, without any further ado here are the ten one time All Stars I want to see back again.

Honorable Mentions:

Cohutta Grindstaff & Sophia Pasquale

10. Derek Chavez

Derek never really got the chance to be the biggest character during his time on the regular Challenge seasons. He went out early twice, although he had one solid run on Battle of the Seasons as a team with his Real World: Cancun cast mates. For that reason I was initially not super excited to see that he was part of the cast for All Stars 2. I was proven wrong though, as Derek proved to be such an entertaining guy and a solid competitor in the daily challenge. Derek’s personal tragedy with the sudden death of his younger sister being featured also tugged at the heart and I was glad for him to be able to spend time with his family after losing (or allegedly throwing) the elimination to Nehemiah. I hope he gets another chance to come back under better personal circumstances.

9. Janelle Casanave

Janelle is somebody that did not make a major impression during her time on the main Challenge. She floated to the win on The Inferno 3 and went out early on The Gauntlet III when she vastly underestimated Jillian. I felt like she had a lot to prove on All Stars 2 and she did so by winning an elimination (with Darrell) over Jodi (and Brad) and finishing as one of the runner ups on the season. I also really liked hearing the backstory of her friendship with Darrell that was never seen on the show before. She is an astute social player and a good physical competitor who I definitely want to see on a potential All Stars 4.

8. Roni Chance

Roni was someone I was both apprehensive and excited to see come back. She was a great competitor back in the day on big team seasons, but would that translate to the modern show? Thankfully it worked out well for Roni as she made it far, unlike some other players that had a long gap since they were last on a season. She was able to integrate herself in an alliance with both old school and new school players in the Treehouse which worked well for her in the early game. Roni was also socially aware enough to recognize when she was on the bottom of that alliance even though it was too late. I would be happy for her to be back again assuming that she is available for an All Stars 4.

7. Steve Meinke

Steve was one of the most off the wall choices for somebody to come on to an All Stars season so far. He was a relatively early boot on his one prior Challenge and quite unremarkable on Road Rules as well, but he delivered on All Stars 2. He clashed notably when he joked about Derrick’s outfit and with the Safety Palace when they felt betrayed by him. He got into messy drama when he flipped the votes off himself in the first elimination and betrayed his former Road Rules castmate Katie. He won a daily challenge and took a big shot with Casey, setting up an elimination between Brad & Derrick. Steve would be somebody that I would be interested in getting another All Stars shot.

6. Jodi Weatherton

Jodi is legitimately one of the best women competitors the show has ever seen. She is a two time challenge champion and won half of the daily challenges on All Stars 2. One of my biggest complaints for her in the past was that I found her to be incredibly boring. However she was a bit more interesting on All Stars 2 with her clashes with Tina and Ayanna. She lost just before the final a though, so I would be pretty excited to see what she could do in a final if she came back.

5. Ruthie Alcaide

Ruthie is one of my all time favorite competitors and I was really excited to have her back on All Stars. She has always been an independent thinker and played her own independent game which is something I really appreciate. I feel her confessional game is underrated and although she tries to stay under the radar, Ruthie can pop off, like with the fight between her and Aneesa. She has at times been an elite competitor and on All Stars won more daily challenges as any of the other women (tied with Kendal). I am really hoping she is back for another All Stars.

4. Alton Williams

Alton was somebody that I was really excited to see back for All Stars with other old school players. The last time he came back for Battle of the Seasons he was not himself, and got really checked out due to the cast containing competitors he wasn’t able to bond with. On All Stars he had a bit of a rocky run at times. For example, he started to look like he was checking out again when he was a major anchor in the mini final or when he finished in the middle of the pack in the final. However Alton still showed flashes of the dominate athlete he has been in the past, especially when he won an elimination with Aneesa. He also got into a notable showmance with Jisela on All Stars and that is a storyline I want to catch up on.

3. Jisela Delgado

Speaking of Jisla, she is the next one time All Star who I really want to see back again. She surprised fans with some good performances in daily challenges and was an absolutely dominating personality throughout her run on All Stars. She also brought a whole bunch of drama through her aforementioned Alton showmance and also when fighting with both Kendal and her now former friend Aneesa. Jisela was the number one person I wanted back immediately after All Stars and now after three seasons of All Stars she is still one of the people I most want to see come back.

2. Ayanna Mackins

People like Ayanna are the reason why I have been advocating for more old school people to be brought on to All Stars. Ayanna was my number one for who I wanted to see back after All Stars 2. It had been an especially long time since we had seen her on a Challenge and she was extraordinary on the show. She was really entertaining, getting into it with several people including Sophia, Jasmine & Jodi, lusting over Teck in confessionals, calling back to her iconic ‘I slept in my uniform’ moment and of course the whole Greek Salad Debacle. She was not the best in the daily challenges and struggled in the final, but was a beast in two eliminations. Ayanna has also actively gotten in better shape since All Stars 2 ended. she needs to be back for All Stars 4.

  1. Veronica Portillo

Veronica is one of the most iconic personalities to ever have been on The Challenge and the fact that it took until All Stars season 3 for to be back was shocking. Like with Jisela & Ayanna being on the top of my list to come back after All Stars 1 & 2, Veronica was my top choice to coming back out of the All Stars 3 cast. She gives fantastic confessionals and can easily hold her own in the drama whether it is personal or game related. She plays a fantastic strategic game and looked to be potentially on her way to the All Stars 3 final but an injury prematurely ended her game. She seems to be in even better shape now, with her winning a daily challenge and making an authority on All Stars 3.



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